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九年级英语总复习 B3U6 -英语教案

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一、>总结。复习、归纳一般过去时态和现在完成时态,进一步学习动词不定式和宾语从句。能够区别 have been与 have gone的用法;重点学习课文\"Under the sea\",明白How important is the sea to our life?
  通过利用computer去寻找一些information,进一步熟悉有关如何操作计算机的术语;掌握数词的用法和类似 thousands of短语的用法。通过该单元的学习,要使学生明白海洋对于我们人类的重要,人类与自然应当和谐相处,并尽力保护它的环境。 
1. Not too long ago, people couldn’t go scuba diving on Hainan Island, or anywhere else.
  else 形容词,意思为“别的;其他的”,无比较级。
  — Beside the weather, what else did he say? 除了天气,他还说了些什么?
  — Who else is coming? 还有别人来吗?
  — Anything else I can do for you? 我还能为你做些别的事吗?
2. This is because there was no machine allowing a person to breathe under water for a long time. 这是因为没有供人水下呼吸很长时间的机器。
  allow sb. to do sth. 意思为“允许某人做某事”。 相当于宾语时,必须接不定式。如:
  They don’t allow children to go into that room.= They don’t let children to into that room.
  I allowed him to use my room.= I let him use my room.  我让他使用我的房间。
  当allow后接不接人称代词或名词时,后面的动词须用 –ing 形式,而不能用不定式。如:
  My parents don’t allow us to smoke. Smoking is not allowed both at home and at school.
3. In 1943 Jacques Cousteau and his friend made it possible by inventing the scuba machine.
  make在这里是“使得”的意思,后接不带to的动词不定式。“make sb. do sth.” 意为“让 / 使得某人做某事”。make后还可以跟形容词作宾补。如:
  The boss made the workers work twelve hours a day. 老板让工人们一天工作十二小时。
  His mother was ill. This bad news made him sad.他的母亲病了,这个坏消息使他很难过。
4. He was amazed at all the colours, and all the beautiful fish.
   amazed 使(某人)感到惊奇。
  She amazed us by dancing so beautifully. That’s why we enjoyed every minute of the party.
  be amazed at / by 感到惊奇。如:
  We are amazed at the changes in Beijing. I can’t even find where my old house is.
  She was amazed by what she saw in China. She is now planning to bring her whole family here next month.
5. However, when he returned some years later, the colourful coral reefs were dead and grey.
  however conj. 然而;可是;不过;但是
  Certainly he agreed. However, I won’t agree,
  注:however与but的区别在于,前者较为正式,but不能置于句首,而however 可以置于句首,句中或句末。置于句中时,前后用分号隔开的情况较多。
6. Since water covers most of the earth, Corsteau knew we should keep the seas clean.
  Since we are young, we should do more for our country.
  — Why is Kate absent? 凯特为什么迟到了?
  — Because she is ill. 因为她病了。
  Snow covered the ground. 雪覆盖了地面。
  She cried and covered her face with her hands. 她哭了,用手蒙住了脸。
  The desk was covered with dust.= Dust covered the desk. 书桌上布满了灰尘。
7. …, he encouraged everyone to take part in protecting our lakes, rivers, seas and oceans.
  ……,他鼓励每个人加入到保护我们的河流、湖泊和海洋的行动中来,take part in意为“参加(活动)”一般表示在活动中还承担一定的职责。
He always takes an active part in all kinds of activities in school.他总是积极参加学校各种活动。
  join也有参加的意思,但是该词主要强调参加某项组织。如:He joined the party when he was eighteen years old.他十八岁就入了党。
8.— … but I’ve gone scuba diving.  — So have I.
   — ……但是我去潜水了。  — 我也去了。
  “So+be/情态动词/助动词+主语”这种简略结构表示“某人也……”如:I like green very much. So does Lily.  我喜欢绿色,莉莉也喜欢。
  Tom can swim, so can I. 汤姆会游泳,我也会游。
  She is a student. So are they. 她是学生,他们也是。
  I went to the zoo yesterday. So did Mary. 昨天我去了动物园,玛丽也去了。
  so+主语+be/情态动词/助动词,这种结构强调“……确实如此”。如:Her husband is English. So he is. 他丈夫是英国人。是的,他是。
  Tom studies very hard. So he does. 汤姆学习很努力。是的,他确实很努力。
  She passed the exam. So she did.  她通过了这次考试。是的,他确实通过了。
9. I’ve been down as long as two hours. 我在水下待了两小时之久
  as long as …长达……
  It took us as long as four hours to get over the mountain.我们花了四个小时才翻过了那座山。
  Mr. Brown spent as long as two and a half years writing the novel.
  注:类似的用法还有as much as, as large/big as, as wide as, as high as等等。如:
  Look at the tower, it is as high as sixty metres.  看那座塔,它高达60米。
  I spent as much as ten thousand yuan on the piano. 买这架钢琴,我花了多达一万块钱。
  注意:as long as这个短语还可以做从属连词用来引导条件状语从句。意思是“只要……”,也可以说;so long as。如:As long as I live, I’ll study. 只要我还活着,我就要学习。
  You may borrow the books so long as you keep it clean.
  As long as we don’t lose heart, we’ll find a way to overcome the difficulty.
10. Maybe we can go scuba diving sometime. 也许改天我们能潜泳。
  Maybe it will rain tonight. 可能今天晚上会下雨。
  Maybe it is true. 也许这是真的。
  It may be wrong. 这可能有错。
11. Not all sharks are alike. 并不是所有的都相似。
  alive adj. 意思为“相同的;相像的”常做表语。
  They were born on the same day. The two brothers are very much alike.
  他俩出生于同一天。这兄弟俩长得很像。= They were born on the same day. The two brothers are very like.  他俩出生于同一天。这兄弟俩长得很像。
  注意:like 之前可以用very 来修饰,但是alike之前则不行。另外,alike也可以用做副词。如: You and I think alike.你和我的想法一致。
  Great minds think alike. 英雄所见略同。
12. … but many sharks feed on fish, other sea animals, smaller sharks and sometimes people.
  Feed on sth. 以……为食
  Cows feed on hay. 奶牛吃干草。
  The children always feed on the best of food. 孩子们常常吃最好的食物。

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