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九年级英语第十四单元 Mainly Revision -英语教案

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科目 英语
年级 初三
文件 middle3 unit14.doc
标题 Mainly Revision
章节 第十四单元
     四会: right away, whether, for long, make friends, get on…with…, mistake, make a mistake, dance,
        either, light, dark,take one’s time, cost, try … on
     三会: lonely, fight, decide, wool(l)en, hang, cotton, expensive, soft
many other parts of the worldFather Christmas
On Christmas Evego to sleep
during/in the nighton top of
climb downeach of …
be asleepdress up
no longereach other
can’t wait to do
   It is better to give than to receive.
   Best wishes for Christmas and the New Year!
  1.Father Christmas (GB) = Santa Claus (US) 圣诞老人
  2.all over… “在…各部分”; “遍及…的各部分”
   People all over the world / country like to come to Beijing for a visit.
   The news got round all over the city.
   The dog went in the water and now it’s wet all over.
   狗刚才跳到水里, 所以现在浑身是水.
  3.on top of … 在…之上
   Put the red book on top of the others.
   People usually put a star on top of Christmas tree.
  4.real --- 强调人或事物 “真实的” 存在, 而不是想象的或虚构的
    true --- 强调符合事实, 是 “真的”, 而不是假的, 是 “相符的”, 而不是编造的.
   Father Christmas isn’t real.
   I’m learning to skate on real ice.
   Read the passage first and then tell me which answer is true.
   先通读一下这篇短文, 然后告诉我哪一个答案是正确的.
  5.dress up : put on special clothes, as for a play, a fancy dress ball, etc.
   (为演戏, 参加化装舞会等)着特殊服装
   The children dressed (themselves) up as pirates.
  6.no longer = not … any longer在某一时刻以后, 不再
   I can’t wait any longer.
   He’s no longer living here.
  7.each other相互
   We should help each other in our study.
   They couldn’t understand each other because they spoke different language.
   他们由于语言不通, 所以相互听不懂对方的话.
   They are afraid of each other.
   They put small presents in each other’s stockings.
1. A. sameB. catchC. planeD. cake
2. A. spendB. leftC. bedD. metre
3. A. bikeB. sideC. fishD. drive
4. A. myB. whyC. cryD. young
5. A. putB. suchC. cupD. number
6. A. teamB. breakC. mealD. cheap
7. A. handB. windC. drinkD. stand
8. A. turnB. hurtC. nurseD. surprise
9. A. machineB. teachC. catchD. chair
10. A. knowB. yellowC. snowD. brown
  1.It’s third time I ______ (see) him this month.
  2.I don’t know if it ______ (snow) or not tomorrow.
  3.While my mother ______ (do) the cooking, my father helped her with it.
  4.Where ______ you ______ (get) the dictionary?
  5.I’ll return the book to the library as soon as I ______ (finish) it.
  6.Don’t go and trouble him. He ______ (read) in his room.
  7.It’s three years since he ______ (leave) for America.
  8.I ______ (walk) along the street when I heard someone call me from behind.
  9.Tom said he ______ (go) home the next day.
  10.Mrs Smith ______ (be) in the city ever since Mr Smith came two years ago.
  1.Is Russian as ________ as Japanese?
   A.popular  B. more popular  C. the most popular
  2.Miss Zhao teaches us very ________ . She is a ________ teacher.
   A.good … good  B. good … well  C. well … good
  3.TV is short ________ television.
   A.to   B. for  C. of
  4.He ________ America with his family. He won’t be back until next week.
   A.went to  B. goes to  C. has gone to
  5.I ________ Guangzhou only once.
   A.have gone to   B. have been to  C. went to
  6.The teacher asked Lucy ________ quickly.
   A.come  B. comes  C. to come
  7.Christmas is an important festival in Britain and ________ parts of the
A.many other  B. many others  C. others
  8.________ Christmas Eve children all over Britain put stockings at the end of their beds before they go to sleep.
   A.In  B. On  C. At
  9.Their parents tell them that Father Christmas will come ________ .
   A.at the night  B. in night  C. during the night
  10.Father Christmas is very ________ .
   A.kind-heart  B. kind-hearted  C. kind hearted
  11.He ________ each of the stockings ________ Christmas presents.
   A.puts … with  B. fulls … with  C. fills … with
  12.Of course, Father Christmas isn’t ________ .
   A.real  B. realy  C. really
  13.The children are no longer young, and they know ________ .
   A.who is he  B. who he is  C. that who he is
  14.They put small presents in ________ stockings.
   A.each other  B. each other’s   C. each others’
  15.What makes you ________ I’m a doctor?
   A.to think  B. think  C. thinking
  Every year just after Christmas the January Sales (销售)start. All the shops reduce (降低) their prices (价格) and for two weeks, they are full of people looking for bargains. My husband and I do not normally go to the sales as we don’t like crowds and in any case are short of money as we have to buy lots of Christmas presents.
  Last year, however, I took my husband with me to the sales at the large shop in the centre of London. We both needed some new clothes and were hoping to find a television set. When we arrived in Oxford Street, it was so crowded that we decided to split up and meet again at the underground (地铁) station. So I left my husband and started looking around the shops. Unfortunately (不幸) all the clothes were in very large sizes and so were not suitable for me. But I did buy a television at a very cheap price so I felt quite pleased with myself.
  When I arrived at the station my husband was not there so I sat down in a nearby café to have a cup of tea. I quickly finished my tea when I saw him and went out to meet him. He looked very happy. Then I saw he was carrying a large and heavy cardboard box. “Oh, dear!” I thought. Yes, we had no new clothes buy we did have two televisions. We shall not be going to the sales again.
  1.In January ________ .
   A.people have a lot of money to spend after Christmas.
   B.all the shops close for a two-week Christmas holiday.
   C.lots of people go shopping for discounts (折扣)

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